Autodesk Maya 2017 is developed by some of the most creative minds in the industry.This release includes major workflow upgrades with new tools like the Time Editor, which is a comprehensive tool for creating and editing clip, based non-linear animation. New Render Setup system simplifies the management of complex scenes with shot based overrides and templates.

In addition, grooming all types of hair and fur in X-Gen is easier also faster using new Interactive Groom Splines, which includes a set of intuitive brush based tools. Finally, the new Content Browser and new Workspaces capabilities let we personalize Maya.

Mustermind Integrated Virtual Reality 360° Curve Projection System

Virtual Reality(VR) Solutions

Curve screen try to replicate the sense of real world vision. This wrap effect attempts to fill peripheral vision as well as focusing the image in front of eyes.

Curve Screen compensates for the normal distortion giving a wider viewing angle and it’s good to avoid the distracting glare

VR or called as virtual reality root lie in a combination of 3D. Its provide ways of complex modelling task performance behaviors in real world learning. VR also reduce liability exposure for driver training school. From commercial aviation to military hardware, VR Caves place learners at the controls of complex machinery with steep learning curve

In some situations, VR provides the safe environment in which to gain advanced or even basic skill. Applying VR technology to architectural design and urban planning helps decision makers visualize the outcomes of propose development and renewal.

Meanwhile, augmented reality projects virtual information onto a real-world scene, incorporate a new graphical objects or adding notations. Our brain are built to remember this mean VR experience have a longer trace in audience memory