Autodesk Maya

Maya 2017

Product Overview

Autodesk Maya is developed by some of the most creative minds in the industry. Learn how they translate their vision into every release of Maya.


1. Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics Toolset: To create beautiful effects with instanced objects.
3D Type: Create branding, logo, title and other text.
Improve Vector Graphics Workflow:Import or copy and paste SVG files into Maya.

2. Dynamics & Effects

Interactive Hair Grooming (X-Gen): Groom hair and fur quickly also easily with interactive groom splines.
Bifrost Ocean Simulation System (BOSS): Create realistric ocean surfaces with waves, ripples and wakes.
Deep Adaptive Fluid Simulation: Simulate high level details just where you need them

3. 3D Animation

Time Editor: Make high level animation edits with a non-destructive clip based, non-linear editor.
Animation Performance(Enhanced): Speed enhancement make your scenes even faster.
Natural Look Character Creation: Skin, Rig and pose believable characters.

4. 3D Rendering & Shading

Arnold in Maya: Use the integrated Arnold renderer to help solve complex rendering problems.
Integrated Renderer Options: Choose from a wide range of integrated renderers.
Professional Camera Tracking: Insert CG elements into a live action scene.

5. Pipeline Integration

Enhanced Game Engine Workflows: Move from Maya to game engines faster and more easily.
Scripting and Api: Create custom scripts and plug-in.
2D and 3D Integration: Take advantage of streamline workflows.