Game Development

3DVIA Virtools

Product Overview

Virtools is an extensive collection of technologies for 3D visualization. The Virtools technologies are broadly grouped as:

  1. an Authoring application
  2. a Behavioral Engine (CK2)
  3. a Rendering Engine
  4. a Web Player
  5. a Game Engine for different console
  6. a Software Development Kit (SDK)

For Video Game development and VR Project

Features & Benefits

Authoring application

Virtools is an authoring application that allows you to quickly and easily create compositions (CMOs) full of rich, interactive, 3D content. Industry standard media such as models, animations, images and sounds are brought to life by Virtools’ behavior technologies.

Behavioral Engine

Virtools is a behavioral engine – that is, Virtools processes behaviors. A behavior is simply a description of how a certain element acts in an environment. Virtools provides an extensive collection of reusable behaviors in the form of Behavior Building Blocks (BBs) that allow you to create almost any type of content through a simple, graphical interface – without writing a single line of code!

Rendering Engine

Virtools is a render engine that draws the image you see in 3D Layout. The Virtools render engine can be replaced with a render engine of your own, or customized to fit your specific needs using the Software Development Kit (SDK)

Web Player

Virtools provides a free web player, 3D Life Player, that can be downloaded by anyone which benefits of small small file size and a worldwide online distri bution through AKAMAI, for fast and reliable downloading and rapid installation.

Game Engine

Virtools provides different API for different console that developer can focus on the game logic development. The supporting console includes PC, Xbox, Xbox360, PSP, PS2, PS3 and Nintendo WII. Moreover, the coding and 3D & 2D materials are managed separately inside the engine, porting game into different platform will never be as easy as Virtools.

Software Development Kit

Virtools is a Software Development Kit (SDK) that provides access to the Behavioral Engine and the Render Engine. With the SDK, you can create new behaviors or modify existing ones create new parameter types create media plugins to read any media of your choice replace the Virtools render engine with the one of your choice create a custom executable file (.exe) modify and extend the Virtools render engine These are just a few examples – your creativity is the only limit to how far you can go! (full source code to the rendering engines is provided for reference).