Motion Capture System

Xsens MVN (Previously Moven)

Product Overview

The Xsens MVN motion capture suit is an easy to use, cost efficient system for full-body human motion capture. Xsens MVN is based on unique, state-of-the-art miniature inertial sensors, biomechanical models and sensor fusion algorithms.

Xsens MVN, your portable mocap solution

Xsens MVN does not need external cameras, emitters or markers. It can thus be used outdoors as well as indoors, there are no restrictions for lighting, it does not suffer from problems of occlusion or missing markers. In addition, unique for inertial motion capture technology: the sensor-suit captures any type of movement, including running, jumping, crawling and cartwheels.

  • No limitation in measurement range (up to 150 m / 500 ft wireless)
  • Use anywhere: outdoor, in your office, no lab required
  • No occlusion or line-of-sight restrictions
  • No data cleaning, filtering or post-processing needed
  • Portable and can be worn under normal clothing
  • Very short setup time
Fidelity and immunity
  • Highly sensitive MEMS inertial sensors capture every twitch and deliver incredibly smooth data
  • Use under any lighting condition
  • No sensitivity to EM-fields

Working Principle

Xsens MVN contains 17 inertial motion trackers, integrated in a comfortable lycra suit.

The inertial motion trackers give absolute orientation estimates, which can also be used to calculate the 3D linear accelerations in world coordinates which in turn give translation estimates of the body segments.

An advanced articulated, biomechanical body model of 23 segments, constraints the motions and eliminates any integration drift or foot-sliding. This highly advanced approach gives users of Xsens MVN incredible freedom in type of motions, no problems with lost/interchanged markers, no issues with internal arm/hand rotations, jumping, etc.